MEDIA RELEASE: $7,500 a day: what Tony Abbott's Commission for Cuts costs you

Reports that the Abbott Government is paying their big business friends $7,500 a day to recommend cuts to vital services and assistance says it all about the Prime Minister’s priorities.

While Mr Abbott hands out fat cheques to his Commission for Cuts, he is promising to cut the Schoolkids Bonus, cut the Income Support Bonus and cut the superannuation savings of low income workers, including 2.1 million working women.

Not only will they be hurt by these cuts but they face the certainty of further cuts and will have to pay for the experience through their taxes.

What Tony Abbott is paying one commissioner for one day ($1,500) is more than what the Schoolkids Bonus is worth for a typical family in a whole year ($1,230). It is ten times more than what a worker earns per day on the minimum wage (about $123).

This is a slap in the face for families who are trying to make ends meet.

Make no mistake, there are more cuts to come.

We can already see how the big business interests on the Commission for Cuts will look after themselves and the rest of the community is expected to cop it.

If the Prime Minister wants to keep cutting, he can start by axing his Commission for Cuts.

Tony Burke