MEDIA RELEASE: "Direct action" allows big polluters to continue polluting

The Abbott Government’s Green Paper on the Emissions Reduction Fund reveals that under Direct Action, big polluters are not required to make any effort to reduce their emissions. 

Direct Action policy would reduce Australia’s emissions. This paper shows that it will allow the exact opposite to happen,” Acting Shadow Minister for Climate Change Tony Burke said.

“Direct Action will do nothing to reduce pollution, allowing big polluters to produce the same amount of pollution without any requirement to alter their operations.”

“The Abbott Government quietly released the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper just days before Christmas in a desperate attempt to avoid scrutiny.

“But what is clear in the Green Paper is that there is no requirement for businesses to increase energy efficiency and reduce their emissions.

“Direct Action is nothing but a dressed up slush fund which is ineffective and costly.

“The Government knows it won’t work and that’s why it has refused to provide any detail for the public to scrutinise,” Mr Burke said.

This year’s Senate inquiry into Direct Action is an opportunity for proper scrutiny of the Abbott Government’s Direct Action policy.

Labor calls on the Government to end the secrecy around Direct Action and provide full and frank details to the Australian people and to the inquiry.

Tony Burke