MEDIA RELEASE: Government Must Come Clean On Cuts

Joe Hockey’s comments today that the Government would adopt a ‘great majority’ of cuts recommended by the Commission of Audit is further proof that the Commission is just a smokescreen to justify the Government’s larger cuts agenda.

“Joe Hockey says the government hopes to adopt a ‘great majority’ of cuts recommended by his Commission of Audit,” Mr Burke said.

“If Mr Hockey already knows that he’ll adopt a great majority of the cuts, it stands to reason that he must know what they are.

“Before the election Tony Abbott promised no cuts to health, education or defence. After the election Mr Hockey has said everything is on the table.

“It’s time for him to come clean and tell Australians what services face the chopping block – hospitals, education, pensions?”

Mr Burke also called on Mr Hockey to make the Commission’s reports public when they are delivered to the Government.

“Joe Hockey says he wants the Government’s Commission of Audit’s report released sooner than later yet won’t commit to telling Australians when,” Mr Burke said. 

“Mr Hockey must commit to releasing both Commission of Audit reports to the Australian people the day they are delivered to the Government. Otherwise, this is just more empty talk from the Abbott Government.”

Tony Burke