The Government’s new citizenship laws are unfair and seek to prevent a whole class of people who live here permanently from ever becoming citizens.

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government wants to change the citizenship laws by introducing an English test at an elitist university-entry level and stopping people from making a pledge of allegiance to Australia, even though they are living here permanently.

Sign the petition to stop Peter Dutton from playing games with Australian citizenship.

Stopping people wanting to pledge allegiance to Australia doesn’t benefit Australia. It risks creating a society where a whole cohort of people will never belong. These people will be permanent residents but will never be able to become citizens.

We support people speaking English and want to help them learn. The test is already in English but the Government wants to raise the bar to a level that many people who are born in Australia don’t require unless they go to university. We reject people who are living and working here being treated differently from everyone else – all because of their grammar.

We support measures that promote social cohesion, not community division.