MEDIA RELEASE: Frydenberg is failing Australia on ocean protection

Reducing marine national parks by 50% is an environmental disaster.

Senate estimates today have revealed that consultation means absolutely nothing to the Turnbull Government. The Department of the Environment has revealed the makeup of 82,000 submissions received on marine management plans from the Director of National Parks. These plans are even worse for the environment than the recommendations of the review of marine parks commissioned by the Abbott Government.

97% of submissions called for Labor’s original plans put in place in 2013 to be restored. Even amoung those who identified as recreational fishers in these submissions 95% of them asked for Labor’s 2013 plans to be restored. The Abbott Government might have started this process but it was the Turnbull Government that ignored the public outcry and made a mockery of any public consultation process.

The Conservative Turnbull Government is now seriously contemplating the largest wind back of areas under conservation ever. No Government in history anywhere in the world has considered removing as large an area from conservation protection as the Turnbull Government is considering right now. Australia has had a proud history of environmental conservation.

The oceans of the world are in a critical state of health. Countries around the world are adding protections to the ocean. Australia stands alone as a nation considering undoing marine park protection. 


Tony Burke