MEDIA RELEASE: Turnbull announces inadequate response to Murray-Darling allegations

After almost a week of inaction to the explosive allegations aired on Four Corners on Monday night, the Prime Minister has today announced a compliance review that won’t get to the bottom of what is happening in the Murray-Darling Basin. 

Four Corners broadcast allegations of criminality and corruption. The Turnbull Government has deliberately chosen a process that cannot compel witnesses to appear, does not allow evidence to be taken under oath, does not allow documents to be compelled and will not protect whistle-blowers. 

The Basin needs a process that will get to the bottom of what has happened. The Turnbull Government is merely offering a process to sweep these allegations under the carpet.

Only a national judicial inquiry through the COAG process which can thoroughly and properly investigate these allegations will restore confidence in the Government’s management of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan for all communities.

Tony Burke