MEDIA RELEASE: Auditor-General Confirms Investigation

Labor welcomes the decision of the Auditor-General today to investigate how the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is monitoring the performance of NSW on Implementing Water Reform in the Murray-Darling Basin relevant to environmental water.

Following allegations on ABC’s 4Corners on Monday night, I  wrote to the Australian National Audit Office asking it investigate.

Some $13 billion has been set aside in delivering the Murray-Darling Basin reform.  The Australian taxpayer has a strong interest in making sure the integrity of the water market is not being undermined through the actions of any of the states.

The Australian National Audit Office wrote to me this morning stating it would expand an existing audit to include the issues which have arisen with respect to NSW. The Auditor-General has also said he would consider tabling a separate report specifically relating to the NSW issue later this year. This confirms that compliance issues in the Basin are not simply a matter for the states. 

Every Australian taxpayer has an interest in making sure there is integrity to the water market system.

FRIDAY, 28 JULY 2017

Tony Burke