MEDIA RELEASE: Dutton's Citizenship Bill Losing Support By The Day

Labor has today called for the Government to withdraw its Citizenship Bill. It is now clear that the Bill is opposed in the Senate by Labor, The Greens and the Nick Xenophon Team. It is no surprise that there is majority opposition to this bill given that it imposes an unreasonable delay and university level English requirements.

Labor has objected to the changes because:

  • the university level English language requirements are snobbery – it sends a message to all Australian’s that unless you have a university level English the Government doesn’t want you here, and
  • the proposed delays are harmful and unfair - leaving many potential citizens waiting for more than a decade before they are ever asked to pledge allegiance to Australia.

Citizenship is meant to be the way we build ourselves as a society, not the way we divide. The Bill put forward by Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton is an absurd, snobbish mess that should be dropped immediately.


Tony Burke