MEDIA RELEASE: Government at odds on company tax cut

In yet another example of the chaos and dysfunction plaguing the Turnbull Government, conflicting reports have emerged today about the Government's plans on company tax.

The Australian Financial Review today reported:

"The Coalition Government looks unlikely to introduce an immediate tax cut in the 30 per cent corporate tax rate in next month's budget and may delay any reduction for some years."


Yet the Sydney Morning Herald also today reported:

"A government source told Fairfax Media they suspected the upcoming budget would contain a cut to the company tax rate,"


It says everything you need to know about this Government when one office is briefing out one thing and at the same time another office is briefing out the exact opposite.

We are just weeks away from the Budget, and potentially the next federal election, and the Turnbull Government is no closer to unveiling a plan for the economy and tax.

This is yet another example of the growing divide between what Malcolm Turnbull wants, what Scott Morrison wants and what Tony Abbott will get in the Budget.

How can people expect this Government to manage Australia's Budget when the Prime Minister of Australia and the Treasurer of Australia can't agree on how to do it?

Wherever Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison finally land, they’re still keeping loopholes on high income superannuation, they’re still keeping loopholes on multinational tax and they’re still heading towards a photocopy of Tony Abbott’s 2014 Budget.

In contrast, Labor has announced more than $100 billion worth of improvements to the Budget bottom-line to help fund health and education and improve the Budget position over the medium term. Labor's policies are independently costed and fully funded.

APRIL 08, 2016 

Tony Burke