MEDIA RELEASE: Malcolm Turnbull puts GST hike on the table

Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed he’s breaking the Liberal Party’s promise of “no change to the GST.

On two occasions this week Malcolm Turnbull was asked about increases to the GST and on both occasions he made clear he is considering changes.

“That’s on the table, clearly … changes to the GST should be part, should be on the table.” MALCOLM TURNBULL – 5AA Radio – 28 OCTOBER 2015
“I'm not talking about raising the GST ... as far as the GST is concerned, that’s clearly in the mix … but it is clearly a possibility that changes to the GST could be made," MALCOLM TURNBULL – ABC Radio – 30 OCTOBER 2015

Malcolm Turnbull may talk about not wanting to talk about raising the GST but Australians deserve better.

Any change to the GST will always be regressive - the impact will disproportionately hit lower and middle income households.

Malcolm Turnbull is making a choice to focus on a tax on lower and middle income households rather than address high income superannuation concessions and multinational tax avoidance.

This Liberal Government went into the last election promising “no change to the GST,” it’s clear Malcolm Turnbull is preparing to break that promise.

It’s unacceptable for Malcolm Turnbull to be threatening yet another cost of living increase going into the Christmas season.

This just shows how out of touch and removed from the reality of everyday Australians Malcolm Turnbull really is.

OCTOBER 30, 2015

Tony Burke