MEDIA RELEASE: Morrison gets a fail on education funding

Scott Morrison today debased the economic debate in the lead-up to the Budget by reverting to outright lying to the Australian people.

In an interview on the Today Show, Mr Morrison claimed Labor's Your Child. Our Future education policy was unfunded.

When asked how the Liberal's desperate 11th hour schools funding announcement stacks up with Labor’s plan, Mr Morrison said:

“What they are promising is an unfunded plan over the longer period of time.”


This is a desperate lie from the man who is supposed to be Australia’s lead economic manager.

On every policy front Malcolm Turnbull’s economic team has been a failure; from tax policy to funding for schools and hospitals.

Labor has announced more than $100 billion worth of improvements to the Budget bottom-line to help fund our policies and improve the Budget position over the medium term. 

Policies such as:

  •  Scrapping Tony Abbott’s Emissions Reduction Fund;
  •  Not proceeding with a marriage plebiscite;
  •  Not proceeding with the Baby Bonus;
  •  Tackling multinational profit shifting and tax avoidance;
  •  Reining in high income superannuation tax concessions;
  •  Reforming negative gearing and capital gains tax; and
  •  Increase the tobacco excise to reduce the cost of smoking on the economy.

Labor’s policies are independently costed and fully funded.

To claim Labor’s schools policy is unfunded is to suggest $37 billion is a bigger number than $100 billion. 

Is this what Scott Morrison is suggesting?

Every time Scott Morrison talks about lower taxes, he’s only talking about lower taxes for companies and high income earners.

It’s clear we have a Prime Minister and a Treasurer driven be ideology and politics instead of what’s best for Australia.

MAY 01, 2016 

Tony Burke