MEDIA RELEASE: Turnbull Government tells NGA staff: don’t come in on Monday

Labor is deeply concerned at reports dozens of staff at the National Gallery of Australia have been told on Friday they won’t have a job as of today.

“The Liberal Government’s cuts will decimate the number of highly-qualified and dedicated specialists that help contribute to the operation of the institution,” said Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann.

“We knew these cuts were coming from the Budget, but we had no idea they would be delivered as brutally as we have seen today.”

“The National Gallery is home to some of Australia’s greatest stories. Once again we see that when it comes to Australian stories, culture and the arts, the Turnbull Government is as bad the Abbott Government,” said Shadow Minister for the Arts Tony Burke. 

“These cuts are hurting. They’re not trimming fat. They are cutting into the vital organs of our national institutions,” said Ms Brodtmann.

 “The cuts to staff are cuts to the capacity of our national institutions to tell the story of a nation.

 “These reports come amid rumours that the National Library of Australia is set to announce its own staff cuts in the coming weeks.

 “Labor went to the election with a commitment not to proceed with the Liberals’ latest round of cuts.

“The cost of these cuts will be felt far more broadly than Canberra. But they will be felt most keenly here.

“Labor is calling on the Government to recognise the cost of its cuts and adequately fund our treasured national institutions into the future,” said Ms Brodtmann.



Tony Burke