This week could accurately be described as Anything But The Budget Week, with the Government today gagging debate on some of the most dramatic and unfair elements of its budget.

The Government systematically shut down debate today on contentious budget measures in the House of Representatives, moving no fewer than eight gag motions in under two hours.

Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke said the Government gagging debate was the only systematic thing about its dysfunctional and chaotic budget process.

“This week the Government is running scared from its own budget,” Mr Burke said.

“The Government allocated only three hours to debate some of the most unfair elements of its budget, such as cutting pensions, raising the pension age and cutting support for families.  

Mr Burke said the Government gagged debate on the budget to avoid its own backbench having to defend it.

“The Government doesn’t want its backbenchers to debate the budget because when Ministers can’t get the facts right, what hope do Government backbench MPs have?

“Tony Abbott shouldn’t run from the parliament and the Australian people – he should front up and explain why he lied before the election.”

Tony Burke