Scott Morrison must take action against lawbreaking Liberal construction boss Gerry Hansen.

Mr Hanssen is a repeat offender. First his company was fined for exploiting migrant workers.

Now he’s been personally fined for breaking industrial laws by refusing union officials entry to a work site - when all they wanted to do was ensure that site was safe following the death of a worker.

Mr Hanssen is a major Coalition donor and proudly admits he’s a member of the Liberal Party.

If that’s true Scott Morrison should kick him out. Or is he too gutless to stand up to this character?

A judge said Mr Hanssen was driven by a blind hatred of unions. Well so are Scott Morrison’s Liberals.

That’s why the only IR laws they’ve brought into the Parliament attack unions - but do nothing to address dodgy employers, wage theft and worker exploitation.

SUNDAY, 28 JULY 2019

Tony Burke