Scott Morrison should ditch his attacks on the union movement and focus on the real issues undermining our industrial relations system: low wage growth, wage theft and worker exploitation.
The news that jewellery chain Michael Hill has underpaid its staff by $25 million is troubling, and comes soon after allegations that a Blue Mountains hotel group has exploited its migrant workforce. This week has also brought the news that Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel has underpaid its staff.
These add to a string of wage theft and worker exploitation scandals that have emerged on this Government’s watch.
If this tired third-term Government cared about workers or wages this would be their number one priority. Instead, they are focused on the same old union-bashing.
At a time when the Reserve Bank of Australia is arguing the need for wage growth this Government can’t even ensure wages are properly paid.
If there was a “fit and proper person test” to make sure people were paid fairly every single member of this Government would fail.
The reason this Government attacks unions is because they are the key organisations standing between workers and wage theft.
FRIDAY, 12 JULY 2019

Tony Burke