SPEECH: Ascension of Baha’u’llah ( Baha’i) 29th May 2017


Ascension of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i)

Mr BURKE (Watson—Manager of Opposition Business) 10-5-2017

On behalf of Labor I want to extend my best wishes to the Baha'i community in Australia and around the world in commemoration of the ascension of Baha'u'llah. This day marks the death of Baha'u'llah, the prophet founder of the Baha'i faith. This death was only in 1892. It is one of the youngest of the various faiths in Australia. It is a solemn occasion that is usually marked at the time it occurred—around 3 am. It is one of nine major Baha'i holy days in the year on which work is suspended. Commemorations this year take place on 28 May. Baha'i communities in Australia and around the world will come together at that time to read special prayers and readings and to remember the life of their prophet. Commemoration culminates in the reading of a tablet known as the Tablet of Visitation. This tablet is also commonly read at his shrine, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. There will also be a commemorative service held in the Baha'i house of worship at Ingleside, Sydney. The traditions of the Baha'i faith reflect the strength of Australia's multicultural community and emphasise religious freedom, which is intrinsic to our national identity, and reaffirms our hopes for the continuity of our vibrant multicultural nation.

Tony Burke