SPEECH: Bastille Day 14th July


Bastille Day - France

Mr BURKE (Watson—Manager of Opposition Business)10-5-2017

On the occasion of their national holiday, I have been encouraged to extend to the French people around the world and in Australia the heartiest and best wishes and congratulations of federal Labor in advance—putting down the marker now for Bastille Day. Named after the infamous Parisian prison fortress that was invaded by revolutionary forces in the 18th century, Bastille Day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution. I know for many people, particularly those living far from home, it is not remembering the storming of the Bastille; it is a celebration of French culture. That day, people come together to eat, drink and celebrate.

For many years now, Australia and France have enjoyed deep and friendly relations in all political, economic and cultural areas, underpinned by a shared sacrifice in two world wars. We currently share strong diplomatic links and work together in global forums on important issues, such as the economy and climate change. France is a nation with a proud history and a sense of justice. It also is home to people who enjoy life to the full. On that special occasion, I wish everyone celebrating happiness and prosperity.

Tony Burke