SPEECH: Eid al-Adha

In the coming weeks between the House rising but before we return, Muslims in Australia and around the world will celebrate Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha commemorates the sacrifices and triumphs of the prophet Abraham. Eid al-Adha also marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage for millions of Muslims who make that pilgrimage to Mecca each year. Celebrations begin with morning prayers at the mosque, followed by a traditional sermon by the imam. Families, friends and communities gather to share greetings, gifts and meals and reflect on the lessons of sacrifice, compassion and unity that are at the centre of the story of Abraham's life and shared by all of the word's Abrahamic faiths.

The feast of sacrifice serves as a reminder of how communities, nations and countries can unite in forgiveness, compassion and peace under one shared value: the willingness to make a sacrifice. We are grateful for the contributions that Australian Muslims have made to the social, economic and political fabric of our nation and to this House. Modern multicultural Australia thrives when we, as a nation, celebrate diverse cultures, faiths and backgrounds. On behalf of Labor, I would like to wish Australian Muslims a wonderful and prosperous feast of celebration, and to those on the annual Hajj pilgrimage, we wish you a safe journey, a fulfilling experience and a safe return. Eid Mubarak.

Tony Burke