It’s Back! Five Best & Worst Moments In Parliament This Week.

Not everything that happens in Parliament makes it through on the media. So Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke brings you the five best and worst moments of the parliamentary sitting week that has passed.

The Best:

1. Bill Shorten and the Prime Minister attended the launch of the Beyondblue national bus tour - a very important and worthwhile cause that received bipartisan support from the Government and Opposition.

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2. The Government belatedly announced a package of support for our farmers. Labor has been calling for this for some time, so we’re happy the Government finally came through in the end.

They didn't seem very happy about it though. Read the full story at

4. New Member for Griffith Terri Butler delivered her first speech to the House. Tony Abbott was sure he would win Griffith, so it’s great to see this speech being given by a Labor MP.

5. Finally, for the second time in as many weeks the Government ran out of legislation to debate in the House. I’m putting this in the Best column because I figure Tony Abbott with no ideas is better than Tony Abbott legislating his ideas!

The Worst

1. Last fortnight the announcement that 4000 Toyota jobs were set to go topped the worst list. This week QANTAS announced it would be sacking 5000 employees. It’s devastating news for these workers.

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2. Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash repeatedly failed to explain her role in the conflict of interest involving her chief of staff, a former junk food lobbyist. The Prime Minister’s answers were even worse, directly contradicting the Senator.


One of them isn’t telling the truth, and people deserve to know who it is.

3. At 8:44pm on Saturday, well after the newspaper deadline, Scott Morrison reversed what he had said days earlier about the events that lead to the tragic death of Reza Berati at the Manus Island Detention Centre.

Photographer @Mearesy uploads daily Question Time photos at The Pulse.

Photographer @Mearesy uploads daily Question Time photos at The Pulse.

During Question Time Mr Morrison would not confirm what time he received the update. This is a tragic event and Scott Morrison needs to come clean about what he knew and when hew knew it.

4. Labor Senators were in Estimates this week where it was revealed $15,000 of tax-payers’ money was spent on a new bookcase in the Attorney General George Brandis’ office.

The reason for the new bookcase? The $7000 one installed in his former office is too big to move. The new bookcase comes complete with a ladder. You can’t make this stuff up. Full story over at

5. Ten Members of the Opposition were kicked out of Question Time this week by the Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, including for the first time in my parliamentary career, me.

Fairfax Photographer Alex Ellinghausen / Via Twitter: @ellinghausen

Fairfax Photographer Alex Ellinghausen / Via Twitter: @ellinghausen

No Members of the Government were kicked out.

Tony Burke “No Speaker in the history of this Parliament has behaved in the way you are behaving now.”

Madam Speaker “The Manager of Opposition Business is reflecting on the Chair and will remove himself under 94A.”

Finally, the Speaker said to me during Question Time on Wednesday: “You were not standing properly on your feet - You should have been sitting down”. If anyone can tell me what this means I’ll happily add it to the list.

Tony Burke