These changes are a direct attack on Australia as a modern multicultural nation. We need to organise and act quickly because I’m convinced we can win.”
Tony Burke


Tony Burke’s portfolios reflect his lifelong commitments; to modern multicultural Australia, to the environment, and to the arts.


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That email was informative, with humour and an easy to read summary of Parliamentary speeches and events that don’t get as much ‘air’ in mainstream media. It added to my understanding of our political week that was. Thanks.
— Ken

Walk for Respect


Almost 3,000 Australians from all cultural backgrounds walked together in Lakemba on March 31 for the ‘Walk for Respect’.

Changes to 18C failed in the Senate within the preceding 24 hours, and multicultural Australia celebrated the triumph of respect over racist hate speech.

We’ve responded to racist hate speech with a celebration of modern multicultural Australia.

It’s the second time we’ve held the Walk for Respect, and it’s the second time we’ve won the battle against weakening section 18C of Racial Discrimination Act.

The people who are wanting to give permission for more racist hate speech need to understand that it is not what modern Australia is about.