MEDIA RELEASE: Peter Dutton doesn't get it.

Showing just how out of touch this Government is, Peter Dutton still does not understand why his failed proposed changes to citizenship were so unfair nor does he understand the comparison that many have made between his policy and the white Australia policy. 

SPEERS: [In relation to the English language test] But those coming from Canada and Britain will have an easier time than those coming from China or India?
DUTTON: Look there are plenty of Canadian citizens who will have become Canadian citizens not born there. I mean Canada, like Australia, is a huge importer of migrants into their country so no. I mean that’s  nonsense.

Clearly Peter Dutton is either unaware on unable to admit his proposed changes to citizenship are unfair, elitist and snobbish. 

University level English is required if you come from India or China but is not required if you come from Canada or the United Kingdom

The evidence of this is in the explanatory memorandum. 

The Explanatory Memorandum is clear in Item 53 At the end of section 21 paragraph number 138. that a person could be deemed as having competent English (university level English) “if they are a passport holder of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, the United States of America or New Zealand”

The legislation has now been rejected and the applications which have been held up now need to be processed. 

Peter Dutton should recognise that people already wait at least four years to be eligible for citizenship. People already need to speak English to pass the current test. 

Labor will not consider this legislation so long as it contains such unfair elements. 

Labor supports the method of testing English John Howard put in place. 



Tony Burke