MEDIA RELEASE: Frydenberg's attack on ocean protection internationally condemned

Over 1460 scientists, including world renowned conservationist, Dr David Suzuki, have released a statement urging the Coalition Government to abandon plans to wind back ocean protection that would strip away 40 million hectares of marine reserves.

Dr David Suzuki described the move by the Government as ‘sickening’

Josh Frydenbereg has a choice - to maintain Labor’s national network of marine reserves and protect the Coral Sea and it’s precious reefs, the Perth Canyon and the deep ocean area known as the Diamantina – or to continue with Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull’s plans to remove ocean protections.

Labor’s network is based on science, extensive consultation and years of planning and engagement with industry, fishers and the community. When Tony Abbott got into power he started the process to unwind protections.

Even Tony Abbott’s review of Labor’s plans found they were based on the most up to date science and extensive community engagement.

The Government is trashing our international reputation on climate change and now it is determined to show we don’t care about our oceans.

When the oceans are increasingly under threat it is the time to increase protection not reduce it.


Tony Burke