SPEECH: Newroz/Norouz New Year (Persian, Kurd, Zoroastrian) 20th March


Newroz/Norouz (Various Spellings) New Year (Persian, Kurd, Zoroastrian)

Labor extends its best wishes to Assyrian communities in Australia and around the world celebrating Assyrian New Year or Akitu. Assyrian New Year is one of the oldest celebrations in history and dates back to ancient Assyrian and Babylonian empires over 6,000 years ago. Akitu is a celebration which marks the beginning of spring and symbolises the awakening of nature. Assyrian people gather with family, friends and community to welcome the season of blossoms with dancing, music, traditional food and poetry. Australia's Assyrian community in Sydney marks this special occasion with a festival at Fairfield Showground every year, attracting thousands of people, highlighting the vibrant cultural heritage that is celebrated in our diverse multicultural society. Every celebration is part of our Australian story.

Tony Burke