SPEECH: Passover 10th April 2017



Jewish communities in Australia and around the world will mark the beginning of an eight-day celebration of Passover, or Pesach, on 10 April this year. Passover is a significant event for Jewish communities. It is firmly established in the historic account of freedom from persecution. It is a story of exodus and inspiration or tale of liberation for Israelites who, under the leadership of the prophet Moses and faith in God, were freed from slavery and oppression.

Some of Passover's most dominant traditions include gathering with family, friends and community around a table to eat unleavened bread, matzo, while telling the story of exodus over four glasses of wine. It is stories like this that reaffirm our devotion to values and principles of freedom, hope and unity in Australia. Labor extends best wishes to everyone observing Passover in Australia and around the world.

Tony Burke